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That’s One Smooth-speaking Robot: Google’s WaveNet AI Program Produces Human-like Speech

Jun 11th 2019, 10:07 pm
Posted by virgiesmea

Considering changing into world famous ??

For all who're following the news Donald Trump is insulting rather a lot af American politician.

The American people suppose that they are left at the hours of darkness because they will not be insulted so time.com made a Donald Trump insult generator. Give in your identify and a custom insult tweet might be made.

I search for a voice generator for insults by Donald Trump however that doesn't exists.

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I haven't the skills to make something like that but I feel who ever will make some cartoonies app with the voice from Donald Trump and after give in your identify you're going best text to speech get a private voice insult from Donald Trump will get numerous consideration and links. Also a share button to faebook twitter ect for the results.

Who can do this or will make something like this. It must be in a short time because of the eye it receives now.

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