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Francesca Ambrogetti is co-author of the Jesuit, a biography of Bergoglio

Aug 13th 2019, 1:20 pm
Posted by gemmabelue
(CBS News) BUENOS AIRES -- Old rivals came together at the Vatican Monday, when Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez visited Pope Francis.

They have differed openly on several issues in the past including his opposition to same sex marriage and contraception.

This meeting apparently went well. Fernandez gave Francis a present. He gave her a kiss.

There are still questions though about the pope's relationship with Argentina's former government-- a military dictatorship that kidnapped and killed thousands in the 1970s and 1980s.

Estela de la Cuadra's family members started disappearing in 1976, just as Argentina's military dictatorship began its brutal reign over the country.

Seven relatives, 양양출장샵 including her husband, Gustavo, and her pregnant sister, Elena, were kidnapped. de la Cuadra's father tried appealing to the head of Argentina's Jesuit priests -- Jorge Bergoglio.

In 1977, de la Cuadra's father met with Bergoglio.

"Papa asked him for help," she told CBS News.

"Bergoglio did write this short note," she said. "So my father could see one of the military authorities."

As far as she knows, the man who is now Pope Francis did nothing else.

And de la Cuadra believes the future pope could have done more to speak out against the dictatorship.

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